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    Ecstatic Songs

 "Ecstatic Songs"

“There is a resurgence of spiritual awareness and understanding through knowledge of the Divine in the languages of love and truth. Foremost in this revelry is Rumi.” - Omega Source Magazine.

Absolutely inspired by the heart of this 13th century mystic, I chose ten of my favourite translations of his poetry (with permission from Coleman Barks, author of The Soul of Rumi: New Ecstatic Poems) and created melody and accompaniment for them. Production of this album is by Kenny Maclean.   I will miss him completely, as the title of his last recording... Completely.  Kenny passed on 25/11/2008.

While working in a metaphysical bookstore in Toronto, I was introduced to Rumi by my friend Sara Beslic.  She had found a poem of Rumi's, and gave it to me, saying it reminded her of me.  I wept that night, having had a profound understanding of his timeless perception, and at her intuition for giving me exactly what I needed at that time.  I wrote an article, published in Omegasource Magazine, about the surge of popularity in the Western World of the ancient Middle- Eastern mystic Rumi, and it's own timely occurrence.  Read the full article about Rumi here.


Unfold Your Own Myth:

Who gets up early to discover the moment light begins?  Who finds us here circling, bewildered like atoms?  Who comes to a stream thirsty and sees the moon reflected in it?  Who like Jacob blind with grief and age smells the shirt of his lost son and can see again?  Who lets a bucket down and brings up a flowing prophet?  or like Moses goes for fire and finds what burns inside the sunrise.  Jesus slips into a house to escape enemies, opens a door to the other world.  Soloman cuts a fish, there’s a gold ring.  Omar storms in to kill the prophet and leaves with blessings, chase a deer and end up everywhere.  An oyster opens his mouth to swallow one drop, now, there’s a pearl.  A vagrant wanders empty ruins, suddenly, he’s wealthy, but don’t be satisfied with the stories, how things have gone with others.  Unfold your own myth, without complicated explanation, so everyone will understand the passage, we have open you. -Jalaluddin Rumi,13th century (translated by Coleman Barks)

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