Woe is Me
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The JAB EP is the first foray into the world of studio recording, and the acoustic songs are enhanced by several talented musicians -Roll over the cover to see credits.. These songs can be downloaded free for personal use.    For commercial use, please contact songmuze.

Lyrics - Puppetry

Did you leave your ideals behind, with your diaries in the cellar of your teenage mind?
You were a dreamer then, you couldíve been a shooting star,
but you stopped dreaming.
There is sadness now, watching a child,
saying he is free and wild.
Somewhere in the family tree, someone wants to be free,
gnawing on the wooden links,                                         to break the chain of Puppetry.
Did people tell you not to shoot and not to wonder why

just because they disapproved, just because they never tried?
Did someone tell you dreams are just for dreamers?

You wonít lose any ideas or miss what you love.

If someone told you to become a part of the real world,
would you get tied up?
You, you used to be so free and wild, dream from afar,

now you canít take it from a child, telling you he will reach the stars.
Somewhere in the family web, someone has to jump the safety net,
a black sheep grazing on the need to snap the strings of Puppetry.
He will be disowned to be freed he will be shunned to succeed,
and that is how itís always been, in the real world.


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